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The Making of The Mask

Four years ago, I was halfway into my third novel, The Mayor is a Gringo,  and gaining  momentum on a sequel to my memoir, Cinema Penitentiary, when my daughter. Estrella del Carmen, was born, and I no longer had the blocks of time neccessary  to continue work on either one.  I was able, however, toContinue reading “The Making of The Mask”


Cicada Song is a Rare Find Among Recent Indie Productions

Since the advent of high definition digital technology, movies should be cheaper than ever to make.  Yet more money than ever before is spent on their manufacture.  The reason is that the people who are making the movies dont know what they are doing, so they hire, at great expense, warehouses filled with technicians toContinue reading “Cicada Song is a Rare Find Among Recent Indie Productions”

1917..World War One as a Video Game

A millennial recently told me that she doesnt watch movies.  Instead, she plays video games.  Why watch a movie when you can be a part of the action?  Movies have been becoming more like video games for some time now, and 1917 completes the transition.  All that is missing is viewer participation.  The film isContinue reading “1917..World War One as a Video Game”

Happy New Year! From the Penitentiary into the Afterlife

Once upon a time, Thanksgiving was the most boring day of the year.  From the time I woke up untiil late in the afternoon, everybody in the family except my mother did nothing but wait to eat dinner. We killed time by cracking nuts and chewing on them. There was nothing on television except endlessContinue reading “Happy New Year! From the Penitentiary into the Afterlife”