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Oscar Injustice

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Imagine all three Charlies Angels suing their boss for unwanted sexual advances, the result being each of the three plaintiffs receiving $15 – $25 million in damages  and the defendent being fired from his job with a $35 million separation package.  Contrast with Dupont poisoning 99% of life on Earth with a chemical used in the manufacture of Teflon, and settling with the next of kin of a few of those who have died from the exposure for a few million apiece, and you not only see the triviality of Bombshell compared to Dark Water, but a key to why the values of America are so screwed up.

Next consider that model turned actress Charlize Theron has received a Best Actress nomination for her one note performance in  BOMBSHELL and Margot Robbie receives a supporting nomination in the same movie..but nothing for Mark Ruffalo’s exceptional performance as the tireless investigator of Dark Waters or Anne Hathaway’s distinguished turn as his wife.  Granted, neither of these movies is of what was once considered Oscar Quality, and neither of the actresses playing Fox News Succubi are likely to win Oscars, but the comparative grosses of Bombshells $32 million to Dark Waters $12 million suggests that the world is far more interested in the erotic tribulations shouldered by Fox News tramps than the contamination of the planet by deadly chemicals. 

Twenty five minutes into another Oscar nominated movie, Jo Jo Rabbit, awretched, formless, neo hipster take on hitler youth and i cant take any more.  this is one of the lamest, dullest, and yuckiest movies i have tried without success to watch.   For a good movie on the subject, check out louis malles lacombe lucie.  For an excellent satirical portrait, there are some classic scenes in Fellinis Amarcord.  But this is just garbage. I suppose Scarlett Johansson was nominated here in the supporting category because she hasnt a chance of beating out Rene Zellweger in the leading actress category.  I havent liked Johansson since Ghost Stroy, but she was very good in Marriage Story.  Her nomination for that performance, though she will lose (if there is any justice left in Hollywood)  to Zellweger’s transcendent portrait of Judy Garland  is enough honorable mention for her limited talents.

Other actresses competing for honors include Saoirse Ronan, whose scenes provide the only watchable moments in the otherwise execrable Little Women, and Florence Pugh, who should have been nominated in the leading category for her outstanding work in the utterly ignored Midsommer.  Instead, she receives a support nomination for a terrible showing in Little Women, one of the worst movies of the year that has been nominated for Best Picture alongside another of the years worst, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.  

Quentin Tarantinos movie is  a pathetic  attempt to cannibalize his former self.  Twenty five years ago,  when his short shelf life was nearing its expiration date, he drew remarkable performances from John Travolta and Samuel Jackson, one of the best buddy pair ups in movie history.  He tries to strike gold again with Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. but there is absolutely no charisma between them, and individually they are deplorable bores.  Yet each as been nominated for an Oscar, DiCaprio for the lead and Pitt for the supporting roles.  Pathetically, the movie has also been nominated for its meandering screenplay, as well as a heap of technical awards it does not deserve., the solidly entertaining yet slight

Marriage Story is the best of a bad bunch in one of the worst years for Best Picture nominations, but it is too slight to win, so the top honors should go to 1917.  Although I am not among its cheerleaders, it must be admitted that director Mendes achieved what he set out to dom and that in itself puts it heads above the failed self cannibalisms of Scorsese and Tarentino, let alone the absolute incompetence of Greta Gerwig, who deserves thanks only for refraining to appear in the film herself.


5 thoughts on “Oscar Injustice

  1. An interesting read. No surprises here. You didn’t like JoJo Rabbit. I missed it but will surely watch it when I can. Ah, so you didn’t like 1917. Ha! You know what film I want to see is Parasite. Did you like it as much as everyone else? Or are you once again the lone man in the side wings frowning with disapproval while the crowds clap in admiration?

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    1. i didnt dislike 1917. i saw it as a minor experiment that was well executed,..i just ddnt think it amounted to much, and didnt even consider it at all as a war movie. if it wins best picutre i will not be disappointed, as the dozen or so pictures that i liked more than it were not nominated..except marriage story, which doesnt have a chance any way/ the most interesting thing about it was how to make tracking shots without using tracks ..nt feeing about this yers oscar is how i felt about the 2015 election when i celebrated clintons defeat but did not celebrate trumps victory. as long as the putrid once upon a time in hollywood or the incompetent little women doesnt win, i will have no complaints.. …..Parasite is another one that just didnt capture my interest after half an hour so i didnt watch further. i met the director back when he made his first picture and did not like him at all.


      1. That is an interesting story. I will see if I can stay awake. I think it will be 1917 film, director, cinematography. I think JP and RZ will win.
        What did you think of the 2 Popes?


      2. the two popes was another one that bored me right out of the gate. i turned it off after the white smoke came ut of the chimney. this is not to say i wont try again when i ight be more in the mood, and find it to be a great movie. i think you are right about JP and RZ…..and i am hoping 1917 is the big winner. just becaue i font agree with your estimation of it doesnt ,mean i didnt like it. you really need to see more war movies, though.


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